Jujube powder

1-Product Introduction:
The price of traditional feed is rising constantly. This has caused more and more cost and meanwhile less and less profit margin.
Therefor, our factory detrusion the feed grade jujube powder. And it is warmly welcomed by the farmers
because of its bargain price and remarkable characteristics.
The functions of jujube powder is as follow:
1. The absorption rate reaches above 90% with good palatability. Its sugar content is 50-78%,
and rich in protein, fat and all kinds of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and ferrous and so on.
The sugar and protein are easy to be absorbed by animals.so, it can be called the King of feed.
2.Jujube powder contain a variety of digestive enzymes, it can supplement enzyme for livestock and
poultry body to improve feed conversion rate.Because of the high absorptivity and conversion,
jujube powder can reduce the use-cost of feed.
The functions for different animals are as follows:
1) For pig:
After a long-term use of jujube powder, the pig will be better looking in fur and the pork will become more delicious.
This kind of feed is used for pigs not only dispel the intestines and stomach harmful gas,
but also promote appetite and add weight.
So it can recover the growing of the pigs which stop growing.
Meanwhile, the jujube powder has an obvious effect on preventing the pigs high fever.
2) For cattle :
The jujube powder can enhance the immunity. After a long-term use of jujube powder,
the gastrointestinal environments will be improved, the appetite and the weight will be obviously increased.
For cow, jujube powder can increase the breast milk and obviously improve the milk production.
Besides,the milk freshness and quality will be improved.
For beef cattle, the fur will look better,.Above all, the weight gain is very large.
3) For chicken and duck:
The jujube powder can supplement blood source, promote egg formation and prolong egg production period.
In pathological aspects,it can help the poultry to resist enteritis, escherichia coli.
Additive Amount: fish 3-5%; Chicken,Duck,Pig 5-8%; Cow 10-20%.